GT Series

The GT was the very first incarnation of the Royal Alloy range of 'Classically' styled scooters and remains very popular to this day.

To cater for the entry level market the GT is available only as a 125cc aircooled motor.

GP Series

The Royal Alloy GP series was really a breakthrough for us... And for the real retro scootering fraternity!

For the very first time in recent history the consumer can enjoy a truly authentic retro scooter that is made of steel!  

At the end of 2019, the GP gained the 300S power unit which provides immense torque for effortless performance - the GP is now great fun! 

TG Series

The TG has arrived at last!  Unveiled at EICMA in Milan on 5th November 2019, the TG received a tremendous response.

A second unveiling to the British public at Motorcycle Live at the NEC saw again a superb response across all ages, the future is looking good....  

And now the TG has arrived to Cyprus ready for the good times to roll, Enjoy Life ride a Royal Alloy.


The GT Series

This is where it all started! Classic style, Retro Looks, Auto Power and Plastic body - lightweight.  This model is Royal Alloy's humble beginnings, this model was the start, this model remains cool!

GP Series

This is Royal Alloy's first All Metal Body, Stylish, Svelte, Superior and very 'Retro', this is our real foray into being a master of retro - the GP cuts the mustard, the GP is the machine you ride to look 'cool' and oh so Retro!


The TG Series

This is our 'flagship' model, even more 'Retro' and more attention to detail, the TG is the Ultimate Royal Alloy. 

Global Market

Royal Alloy are growing and serving a 'World Market'.

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Large Range of Scooters

Royal Alloy have the largest range of Classic Inspired Scooters


More Power!

Royal Alloy have the biggest range of engines available - more power ore more economy?

More Metal!

Royal Alloy Scooters feature 'More Metal' than any other brand.


Royal Alloy have a growing range of Accessories, take a look and make your scooter individual.

Why not be 'different'?

You are all 'different' (just what we want!), please send in your pictures so we can randomly show them here on YOUR website! Please send your photographs here

We will post globally those pictures that we find 'inspirational', come on, join the community and share your pleasure - ride safe and enjoy life!


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